We offer O.E.M. "White-labeled" solutions with no I.T. Infrastructure required, complete with sales and marketing support on a flexible revenue-sharing model.



The core principles of situational awareness apply to everyone, from entire enterprises down to individuals: Perceiving what’s happening around you, Understanding how it affects your objectives, and Projecting that information to take action when needed. Whether representing a large pharmaceutical company, a travel company, or private organization, everyone benefits from an enhanced ability to make quick, informed decisions.


We empower market leaders and experts to expand awareness and connectivity within your area of expertise. We give you the option to not only diversify your portfolio of services, but also open up new markets in the process. 


Uniquely setup to quickly establish and support channel sales activities, we are ready to work with you and add exceptional value and revenue generating opportunities to your business.




Expand your offering

Flexible, low-risk revenue-sharing models

White-label - becomes your product

Stable, proven solution





No technical resources or infrastructure needed

24/7/365 expert support

Sales support & marketing materials


Quick Setup

Painless on-boarding

Fully operational in days, not weeks

Capabilities available immediately